Are you ready to learn the alphabet and everything you always wanted to know about chickens and the poultry industry on Delmarva but were afraid to ask? If so, then you must read this amazing ABC book. Within these pages of funny, thoughtful, and witty poetry (in English) and prose (in Spanish), along with delightful drawings to color, author and artist Joanne Guilfoil succeeds in using the alphabet to tell the great story of Delmarva’s poultry industry to a diverse audience. She demonstrates to all ways in which chickens can be vital to our economic stability, health, and happiness.

~ Nathaniel Tablante, DVM
Extension Poultry Health Specialist
University of Maryland College Park

This book about Delmarva poultry is long over due. As you can see, Delmarva has some great poultry history. The commercial broiler industry started here. Poultry life on Delmarva involves friendly and fascinating people in all aspects, past and present. Author Joanne Guilfoil examines these different aspects, from the commercial industry to exhibition clubs. Each contributes so much to our Peninsula; who would have ever known? Enjoy reading this fact filled and entertaining book!

~ Mike Wasylkowski
Small Farm Educator, Delaware State University
APA & ABA Licensed Judge

The content of this book was designed to share the history of the Delmarva chicken industry. It is presented in two languages - English and Spanish - in hopes that it will assist members of the Hispanic population who are involved in some way with today's chicken industry to learn from this and expand their language skills. Hopefully, the text will also inspire English speakers to take the opportunity to read and learn some Spanish. The main objective is to appreciate the history of the Delmarva chicken industry and its statewide importance, while building better communication through having a little fun!

~ Dr. Janet Hickman


Includes English & Spanish on each page
This is the fifth in a series of ABC books about life on Delmarva. This one is all about the chicken industry as we find it across the Peninsula, including chicken breeds, growers past and present, the companies they grow for, chicken farms, chicken coops, chicken x-rays, and the famous Delaware Blue Hen!

With two pages per alphabet letter, you will read informative text, illustrated with color photographs and line drawings by the author, for readers to color. The goal is to present a view of the Delmarva chicken industry and all it has to offer. Equally important however, is the effort to honor the involvement of our Hispanic population, so very central in this vital work. A Spanish translation is presented alongside the English version of the text for each letter of the alphabet. So get ready to learn about chickens on Delmarva then and now . . . and perhaps learn a little about a new language!




AFTERGLOW: Ted Freeman's Legacy

The Making of an Astronaut
In 2010, the Delaware Aviation Hall of Fame (DAHF) posthumously inducted Theodore C. Freeman as a member. According to the program brochure, he “might have become America’s first man on the Moon, if not for his untimely death from a plane crash in Texas…he was the first member of the U.S. Space Program to lose his life”. He was in NASA’s Astronaut Group Three along with such astronaut notables as Buzz Aldrin, Gene Cernan and Alan Bean, all expecting to become Apollo pilots. That was back in the 60s. He was the second USNA graduate to train as an astronaut. Alan Shepard was 10 years before him as the first USNA graduate.



Joanne Guilfoil, Ph.D.

I published textbooks on environmental design and field guide paintings of fish and reptiles while teaching college in Kentucky. My recent publication, FLYING OVER DELMARVA: Spray Planes, Banner Planes & Bi-Planes, was my first hardbound book for aviation enthusiasts, young and old. This is my first activity book for young readers, who may one day become aviation enthusiasts, or at least better readers. 

"When you dig just a little under the surface, a whole new world emerges."


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Spray Planes, Banner Planes, & Bi-Planes

This is a coffee table book filled with gorgeous color photos of many types of aircraft from all over Delmarva. It is also a rich historical account of military, agricultural and recreational airplanes, with stories provided by friends, families and pilots who flew them, including: a Mitchell B-25, Navy trainers, a Talon T-38, Stearman, Beechcraft, King Air, Cessna, Erco Ercoupe, Waco, 1929 Great Lakes and many banner planes!

250 pgs.  Hardcover (2017)



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