Chickens on Delmarva

100 Years of Backyard Flocks, Farms, and Friends
Guilfoil provides readers with a behind-the-scenes look at hardworking chicken farmers, many of whom are employing innovative processes to minimize the impact on the water, land, and air. Some are following in family members’ footsteps, while others have taken an unconventional path. There are full-time farmers and people who entered the field as a second profession. Several are military veterans, and they would like other vets to join them. Those interested in pursuing a career in chicken farming will learn how to build a chicken house from scratch. Since construction methods have changed over the years, Guilfoil lists options for chicken houses no longer in use.
 She also introduces the reader to people who keep chickens in the backyard for table eggs, to show, or as pets. These enthusiasts include fanciers, who breed birds, members of the 4-H and FFA, and even celebrities. Guilfoil tells the fascinating story of model-actress Isabella Rossellini, whose mission is to maintain diversity among the breeds and preserve the environment.

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180 pages, full-color, 10” x 8.5”, Soft Cover (May 2023)


In Chickens on Delmarva: 100 Years of Backyard Flocks, Farms, and Friends, Joanne K. Guilfoil explores the industry’s history on the Delmarva Peninsula, which includes parts of Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia. She painstakingly researched everything from the Delmarvalous brand to the current production system. In the process, she uncovered some colorful stories. Consider the rumrunners in the 1930s who stashed their hooch in chicken houses and the soldiers who dined on Delmarva chicken in Iraq.


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