Chickens on Delmarva A-Z


A beautiful, full-color, manual focused exclusively on birds grown and shown on Delmarva, Delaware.

Perfect for 4-H groups, schools, and anyone else interested in chickens.

This manual is structured much like an illustrated dictionary in alphabetical order, an easy reference for school or club projects, or just plain interest about chickens on Delmarva.


The manual is not just for serious poultry keepers; it is packed with scientific/agricultural terms and drawings, historical facts, and names of actual growers, all designed to also be of interest to Fanciers, service providers and other related poultry workforce personnel, teachers, students, folks interested in the history of Delmarva, and chicken lovers of all ages.

This manual identifies Points Of Origin for birds on Delmarva, with a world map at the start of each alphabet letter, for that group. For select birds, a site map pinpoints the location of origination. So, for instance, the chicken breed called Marans is from the town of Marans, France, and is shown on a world map.
Similarly, the manual identifies where in the world other birds on Delmarva originated!

118 pgs.  Spiral Bound (Nov. 2021)

Chickens on Delmarva A-Z Manual

Sample Pages

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The ABCs of

Chickens on Delmarva

Full color pages add beauty and interest to this book. Each page of the alphabet includes a full-color page on the left and a line drawing on the right that can be colored in by the reader. Each page also has the text in English and Spanish to help readers learn a new language as they read.


This is the fifth in a series of ABC books about life on Delmarva. This one is all about the chicken industry as we find it across the Peninsula, including chicken breeds, growers past and present, the companies they grow for, chicken farms, chicken coops, chicken x-rays, and the famous Delaware Blue Hen!

With two pages per alphabet letter, you will read informative text, illustrated with color photographs and line drawings by the author, for readers to color. The goal is to present a view of the Delmarva chicken industry and all it has to offer. Equally important however, is the effort to honor the involvement of our Hispanic population, so very central in this vital work. A Spanish translation is presented alongside the English version of the text for each letter of the alphabet. So get ready to learn about chickens on Delmarva then and now . . . and perhaps learn a little about a new language!

64 pgs.  Paperback (2021)

The ABCs of Chickens on Delmarva
ABCs Now & Then

Bethany Beach

Gorgeous color photos, paintings, and drawings clearly illustrate the sights and smells of this pretty seaside town.  Bring home this unique reminder of a wonderful place, or give as a gift to lift someone’s spirits. Cheery and bright as a summer’s day!


This is the third in a series of ABC books by Joanne K. Guilfoil about places on the Delmarva Peninsula.

Bethany’s coastal history, nature and local art together provide a unique view of this beach town. A glossary defines terms in this book.

Colorful photographs are used to illustrate the people, parades, flowers, food, and fun! They are all portrayed half in living color and half as line drawings “to color”, or as young ones do, scribble. All these things found in Bethany are here for you to see, color and take home!

62 pgs.  Paperback (2018)

Bethany Beach ABCs

Sample Pages

Ocean City ABCs Now and Then Book by Joanne Guilfoil
ABCs Now & Then

Ocean City Maryland

This little paperback book colorfully depicts all the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of this fun-filled family resort. Photos, fine art and a glossary of terms make this more than an ABC book, to keep or give!


This ABC book is all about Ocean City, Maryland and its only city on the Atlantic Ocean. Once known as a “ladies resort” with hotels first built and managed by women, Ocean City has served many purposes from a seaside resort, to fishing mecca, amusement parks, and convention centers. It is still a fun place to surf, swim, see a show, have a great meal and just plain have fun, especially on the boardwalk!

58 pgs.  Paperback (2018)

Sample Pages


Berlin Maryland

Published earlier in the year, this small treasure was designed to help the town of Berlin celebrate 150 years (1868-2018), and the distinction of being named “America’s Coolest Small Town”! Even if you cannot visit, you can enjoy this unique place…just purchase a first edition copy.  Also, a great gift idea!


This little paperback is all about Berlin, Maryland; its people, festivals, parades, food, and fun!  Illustrated with beautiful color and rare historic photos, paintings, and drawings, this book tells a little history and some great stories, for the “young at heart”.

62 pgs.  Paperback (2018)

Berlin Maryland ABCs

Sample Pages

Flying Over Delmarva A-Z

Flying Over Delmarva A-Z

The front cover boasts another fun Aeroshell poster, and the back cover is filled with a colorful painting of a Stearman by a well-known artist.


Flying Over Delmarva A-Z is an activity book for school-age children or anyone! It contains 130 drawings to color of people, planes, birds, insects, fish and hangar pets-dogs and a cat...all from the hardbound book.

Each alphabet letter is richly illustrated with hidden pictures to identify and most all end with a map of place names to find.

Enjoy hours of aviation learning and fun!

62 pgs.  Paperback (2017)

Sample Pages

Flying Over Delmarva

Along with exploring the history of aviation in Delmarva, author Joanne K. Guilfoil’s book features stunning photos, tales about ag aviation, airshows, aerobatics, barnstormers and banner tow jockeys, and chapters on father-son aerial applicators.


This is a coffee table book filled with gorgeous color photos of many types of aircraft from all over Delmarva. It is also a rich historical account of military, agricultural and recreational airplanes, with stories provided by friends, families and pilots who flew them, including: a Mitchell B-25, Navy trainers, a Talon T-38, Stearman, Beechcraft, King Air, Cessna, Erco Ercoupe, Waco, 1929 Great Lakes and many banner planes!

250 pgs.  Hardcover (2017)

Flying Over Delvarva

Sample Pages

ABCs of Flyting Over Delmarva
The ABCs of

Flying Over Delmarva

High quality book, 56 pages, full color photo pages along with sketched pages ready for your little artist to color!


A companion children's book to Flying Over Delmarva.
This is a paperback book about Delmarva aircraft for pre-readers. Each alphabet letter is portrayed with a large color photo of an airplane or pilot,  a drawing to color, and words that rhyme. The front cover shows a colorful Aeroshell cow poster, and the back cover tells about the book with a spray plane watercolor painting.

56 pgs.  Paperback (2017)

Sample Pages


Joanne Kurz Guilfoil grew up in a Navy family, learning the Navy way at an early age including the slang and skills. Forever the resident artist, she watched her brother go to the Academy and then flight school.

This book takes an inside look at the US Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD.


This book is all about the United States Naval Academy as a college, service academy, and an introduction to the United States Navy. It is an “up close” look at life on the Yard with many exciting aspects of “Four years together by the Bay”. It was written for many: young people who might wish to attend, visitors to Annapolis, Navy families, and of course graduates!

58 pgs.  Paperback (2019)

The United States Naval Academy A-Z front cover
Ted Freeman's Legacy front book cover

AFTERGLOW: Ted Freeman's Legacy

The Making of an Astronaut

This book about Theodore C. Freeman is based on a presentation I delivered at the Lewes Library, celebrating Freeman’s part in the Apollo Program Moon missions. Jack Clemons, author, public speaker, aerospace engineer, and team leader on NASA’s Apollo and Space Shuttle Programs, was in the audience. After the presentation Jack said to me, “You have a book here”, indicating his interest in the research and exquisite photographs. He continued, “And it should be published now ...  young people need this”. Jack believed that too few young people know about the science, history, and career options in the aerospace industry, such as pilot, engineer, and aviation mechanic.


Part I presents an Introduction, including basic background information about Ted Freeman
Part II describes Ted’s formative years and friendships in Delaware, particularly with Joe Hudson, while growing up in Lewes, Rehoboth and Georgetown.
Part III describes the making of an astronaut, including Ted’s education at the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA), his U.S. Air Force jet pilot training, and his Apollo training in Houston, Texas.
Part IV describes Ted’s local legacy, including the teachers, students, and equipment (jet engines and jets) at the Theodore C. Freeman Powerplant Education Building at Delaware Technical Community College (Del Tech), in Georgetown, Delaware.
Part V presents a Summary, as seen through the story told at the Del Tech wall mural that illustrates Ted’s NASA legacy and his jet, the T-38 Talon.

79 pages, 110 black & white photos, full-color cover, paperback (2020)

Sample Pages



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